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  • Hydraulic Bollard
  • Hydraulic Bollard
  • Hydraulic Bollard
  • Hydraulic Bollard
  • Hydraulic Bollard
  • Hydraulic Bollard
  • Hydraulic Bollard

Hydraulic Bollard

Product Categories:Traffic Product
Hydraulic Bollard, Rising Bollard
National Hotline:4009-969-805
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Product performance:

1, durable structure, large bearing load, stable operation, low noise.

2, adopt PLC control system, stable and reliable performance, easy integration.

Linkage control 3, lifting column and gate and other equipment, can also be combined with other control equipment, automatic control.

4, in the case of power failure or failure, such as lifting column is lifted to decrease, by manual operation will rise and fall to the column level, to let the traffic go.

5, the international advanced low pressure hydraulic drive technology, the whole system has high security, stable and reliable.

6, the remote control device by wireless remote control mode, can be in the controller around 30 meters range (according to the site of the radio communication environment), and remote control roadblock column.

7, according to the requirements of users can add the following functions:

A, adding card control card reader, can automatically control the lifting roadblocks column by credit card.

B, gate and barricade with gate linkage: (stop) / access control, can realize the gate, and access control and barricade linkage.

C, and the computer management system or system connection: connecting pipe embedded system and charging system, a unified control computer.

D, LED flash function, flashing warning column during the night light warning.

E, the intermittent siren sound alarm.

Product technical parameters:

1, system: electric hydraulic control

2, power supply: 220V/380V (voltage 24V)

Power system, 3 (W):1.5KW/2.2KW/3.7KW

4, rise time: 3~6S (adjustable).

5, fall time: 3~6S (adjustable).

6, working temperature: -35 degrees ~75 degrees (for).

7, protection grade: up to IP67

8, storage environment: -10 ~65 DEG C, rainproof moistureproof and dustproof.

9, color: multiple color reflective foil size

9, material: 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, paint spray optional.

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