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Core philosophy: to officers who have the opportunity to officers who have the stage, to succeed and stem position treatment. Meritocracy, really will be used.

1. The principle of having both ability and political integrity: selection and use of personnel in accordance with a comprehensive measure, the requirement of having both ability and political integrity, adhere to the De is mediocre, talent without virtue is the villain, integrity can not be neglected.

2.The pillars of on average people other than "effect theory" principle: in it, we don't see the qualifications the ability to see, do not look at the diploma level, whether it is what identity, what degree, what age, as long as doing good and doing well, outstanding performance, boldly, entrusted with the task. At present, the company's technical staff and middle management staff average age of 35 years old or so, workshop director at the age of 30 years old or so. These people although the age is not big, some degree is not very high, but have the ability, drive and performance. We adhere to the "effect" mechanism, so that a large number of both ability and integrity of the talent to become the enterprise development.

3.Practice is the first principle: "jade tried over three days to burn, identified only seven of the subject". Over the years, where all kinds of professionals work in our group, we are the first to arrange to workshop production line, so that the exercise to improve in practice, then through public examinations, merit based selection.

4.The principle of survival of the fittest: in personnel selection, we implement the transformation from "simple" to "choose race horse", who did the best, we as a talent to be reused. Otherwise, only to be eliminated.

5."Everyone is a talent" principle: in the use of the talents, eliminate mode and mystery, do it because of the person should, Liangcai applicable. As long as the appropriate post play the greatest degree of intelligence, is the meaning of. We in accordance with this principle, according to each employee's level, strengths, experience, personality and so on, arrange to suitable position, give full scope to the talents, they do it can, to promote the sustained, rapid and efficient development of enterprises.
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