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HongKong ZOJE Intelligent Technology Co,.Ltd
Phone:86-133 168 44018  Mr.Ben
address:3rd Floor,Building C,JinAo Industrial Park, GuanLan Town,Longhua District,ShenZhen,China

Shenzhen ZOJE Technology Co., Ltd.

ZOJE is a National High-Tech Enterprise which fousing on manufacting turnstiles. It is the first and only brand that set up the professional turnstile laboratory in China.We adhereto independent research and innovation.We are the holder of multiple core patents,filling the blanks of cutting-edge technologies in the field of turnstile.

What do we do?

Since our establishment,we have been manufacturing Turnstile.
The power of concentration generates innumerable creativity out of us.

What are ZOJE's strengths?

We challenge with turnstile constantly.

We challenge the difficulty of the industry; we challenge the top brand in this industry.

Why ZOJE was founded?
We carry s simple dream:develop and manufacture turnstiles with concentration and seriousness to help our coustomers succeed.

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