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Road Blocker

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Road Blocker
National Hotline:4009-969-805
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product features:

1, rapid calm

Lifting time up to 3 seconds, far greater than the same specifications of pneumatic barricade machine, this point is extremely valuable. Because the utility model adopts the hydraulic drive unit, action, gentle and peaceful, well solves the traditional pneumatic lifting column for large pump noise problems.

2, control agility

The control unit uses a multi function logic controller, which can modulate a variety of different functional modes to meet the different needs of different users. In addition, it is worth mentioning that the movement of the adjustable timing design, the user can freely control the lifting height of the cover plate, effectively save energy consumption.

3, unique structure

The core part of the hydraulic unit and mechanical power has a unique mechanism design, can effectively transfer the mechanical energy to the hydraulic drive unit, action is efficient. The unique design of the hydraulic pressure of helicopter unit performance, at home and abroad the same field is very rare.

4, safe and reliable

In case of power failure and other emergency situations, the hand can be opened with an emergency drop button, the machine cover plate can be reduced to open the channel, release the vehicle. The upper part and the lower part of the internal fixing mechanism are respectively provided with an electric current detecting sensor and an electromagnetic sensor, thereby realizing the overcurrent protection of the power unit and the effective limit of the column action, and the operation is stable and reliable.

5, economic benefits

Because of its own hydraulic transmission mode, environmental protection, energy saving, low consumption, low failure rate, long service life, reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the use of non - traditional guide mechanism design, installation and maintenance, more simple and quick.

Hydraulic machine barricade barricade machine (Maojian collision wall) belongs to the high pass riot control equipment for road vehicles.

Its characteristics are mandatory interception, bearing, anti - collision ability, operation is simple, flexible, hydraulic transmission, stable, fast, low noise, high capacity, safe and reliable. Can be used alone, can also be used with the road brake control system.

Particularly applicable to banks, airports, customs, inspection, prisons, ports, military bases, vital sectors such as special places of vehicular access control.

To effectively prevent the vehicle collision, forcibly washed off.

Main technical parameters:

1, system control: electric hydraulic

2, through the pressure: can pass more than 120 tons of container trucks.

3, power supply: three-phase 380 (control voltage 24V).

4, system power (W):3.7KW.

5, rise time: 3S (adjustable).

6, fall time: 3S (adjustable).

7, working temperature: ~75 degrees C -35 C (suitable).

8, storage environment: -10 ~65 DEG C, rainproof moistureproof and dustproof.

9, material: A3 steel, spray rust primer.

10, color: a variety of colors

11, weight 1.5 tons

12, protection level: IP68

13, the body size: standard chassis (size can be customized design)

3000 x 1000 x x height 760, rising height: 500

3500 x 1000 x x height 760, rising height: 500

4000 x 1000 x x height 760, rising height: 500

4500 x 1000 x x height 760, rising height: 500

5000 x 1000 x x height 760, rising height: 500

5500 x 1000 x x height 760, rising height: 500

6000 x 1000 x x height 760, rising height: 500

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