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  • Circular arc speed through door ZOJE-ST109
  • Circular arc speed through door ZOJE-ST109
  • Circular arc speed through door ZOJE-ST109
  • Circular arc speed through door ZOJE-ST109

Circular arc speed through door ZOJE-ST109

Product Categories:swing gate series
Features: 1. Mechanical anti pinch function: gate operation automatic mechanical anti pinch more safe and more reliable;. (optional) mechanical collision avoidance: the impact of external force, impact drive nondestructive 3. Control is driven by DC motor with stable and reliable, power on self test, the failure rate is low; 4. Super bright traffic...
National Hotline:4009-969-805
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Functional characteristics:
1 Mechanical anti pinch function: the gate operation is safe and more reliable;
2 (optional) mechanical collision: can be anti external impact, after the impact of the transmission
3 DC motor drive is stable and reliable, the power on self test, the failure rate is low;
4 super bright direction function: the direction of the use of ultra bright LED lamp design, indicating more eye-catching;
5 illegal alarm function: pedestrians did not swipe into the channel, the device alarm prompts pedestrians;
6 retrograde alarm off gate function: after the pedestrian card is retrograde, the equipment alarm simultaneously closes the gate;
7 anti trailing function: the first person to pass the credit card, the second people do not swipe at the end of the alarm;
8 off the bike delay function: to prevent the gate to hit the bike;
9 kinds of control functions: through the setting, the gate machine can be set in a special period of time to normally open mode, to meet a large number of personnel access;
10 way to choose: to meet the different requirements, can be set as a two-way credit card or one-way credit card plus free way.

Adaptive place:
Office: business building, government office, etc.;
Science and education unit: colleges and universities, research institutes, libraries, etc.;
Business services: supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks, etc.;
Leisure and entertainment venues: parks, scenic spots, amusement parks, etc.
Transport site: bus station, railway station, subway station, airport and so on.
Technical parameter:
Outline dimension: L1200mm*280mm*1000mm (1400mm optional) vertical box L420mm*330mm*1000
Material: SU304 stainless steel technology: light wire drawing type
Material thickness: 1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm optional
Transmission mode: standard drive (common people) / anti collision drive: suitable for bicycles, motorcycles, electric vehicles.
Channel width: single 600mm-900mm
Way: one-way / two-way
Control software: access control system / electronic ticketing system / consumer system, etc.
Read / write mode: ID card / IC card / ID card / fingerprint face recognition / bar code platform / static test instrument
Working environment: indoor / outdoor (recommended frame pergola)
Power supply: AC200V/AV110V (optional) 50HZ
Working environment temperature: -65 C -15 C
Relative humidity: less than 95%, no condensation
Pass speed: 40/ minutes
Input interface: relay signal
Normal service life: 3 million times no fault
Communication interface: RS485/TCPIP
Scalable: counting function, voice alarm function, video capture function.
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