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  • Turnstile Gate with ticket controller

Turnstile Gate with ticket controller

Product Categories:barcode ticket turnstile syste
Ticket system consists of the following parts: ticket booking office software and hardware equipment of the ticket, ticket at the ticket office equipment, entrance channel control device and ticket software; data server of computer room system, electronic ticket system management software, ticket management center software, financial management sof...
National Hotline:4009-969-805
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The ticket system is composed of the following parts:
Ticketing software, ticketing hardware equipment;
The ticket office ticket equipment, control equipment and software channel entrance ticket;
Computer room system data server, electronic ticket system management software, ticket management center software, financial management software;
Other equipment: data transmission equipment and network, communication interface converter, UPS backup power supply and so on.

The security mechanism of the electronic ticket management system includes the following aspects:
1) electronic ticket information encryption: the use of cryptography encryption technology to encrypt electronic ticket information.
2 hardware encryption: the system used by the computer through the encryption dog encryption, computer password authentication, background management and approval, such as multi-layer strict control, even if the professional can not decrypt.
3) encryption software, electronic tickets through a special bar code generated file code 12 cryptographically generated, foreign bar code can not enter the system; the whole system was also the operator password landing, backstage management computer processing, multiple database encryption, such as multi-channel encryption measures.
4) the validity of the restrictions: for electronic tickets, can be specified in terms of their use, within the effective time of any time can be admitted to the ticket.
5) audit: ticket sales compared with the ticket.
6) large peak traffic safety: on the peak and major holidays, personnel diversion problem, can have the following solutions: design an obstacle free fast channel.
Safe use of power failure: the configuration of the UPS power supply of the appropriate specifications, while requiring the user to have their own fuel generator, when a long power outage occurs, to meet the normal operation of the electronic ticket system.
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