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full height tunstile

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  • Full height Turnstile ZOJE-Q206

Full height Turnstile ZOJE-Q206

Product Categories:full height tunstile
The main functions and features: 1. With a fault self diagnosis and alarm prompt function, convenient user maintenance and use; 2. Can be connected switch or remote control, to achieve unidirectional or bidirectional control traffic; 3. With automatic reset function, when the brake lever to unlock, rotating 120/90 degree, namely automatic reset (lo...
National Hotline:4009-969-805
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Main functions and features:
1 fault self checking and warning function, to facilitate the maintenance and use of users;
2 can be external switch button or remote control, to achieve one-way or two-way control traffic;
3 with automatic reset function, when the gate is unlocked, the rotation of the dynamic 120/90 degrees, that is, automatic reset (plus lock), or not in the specified time period, the system will automatically cancel the user's access to the right to automatically lock;
4 anti impact function, in the absence of the received signal bars into the gate, Jiasuo state;
5 anti trailing function, over a person turn 120 degrees /90 degrees, and automatic lock;
6 automatic power cut-off function, in order to meet the requirements of fire management;
8 one-way, two-way traffic function, can be one-way or two-way control personnel;
9 optical work principle, the input control signal without delay requirements, absolutely avoid the phenomenon of a card brush a few people;
10 external button can be achieved left, right and left open function;
11 external button can be achieved constantly open function.

Adaptive place:
Office: commercial buildings, government offices, prisons, etc;
Science and education unit: colleges and universities, research institutes, libraries, etc;
Business services: supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, banks and so on.
Technical parameter:
Case size: 1500* wide *1350* deep 2300 (MM)
According to the size of openings, custom frame
Case material: GB 304 stainless steel frame processing technology: the use of bending, cutting, welding, polishing and other processes
Channel width: 570-800mm drive angle of 90 degrees /120 degrees optional
Way: one-way / two-way
Control software: access control system
Read and write: ID card / IC card / ID card / fingerprint, face recognition / bar code platform / static test instrument
Working environment: indoor and outdoor (recommended ride canopy)
Power supply voltage: AC220/110V, 50HZ
Input control interface: relay signal
Normal service life: 3 million times
Passage speed: 20-25 / min
Temperature: -30 degrees C - 70
Humidity: less than 95%, no condensation
Scalable: counting function, voice alarm function, video capture function etc.
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