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Flap Turnstile gate series

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  • Flap Turnstile Gate Bridge ZOJE-Y508

Flap Turnstile Gate Bridge ZOJE-Y508

Product Categories:Flap Turnstile gate series
Smart wing gate is intelligent three roller gates and swing gate is the upgrading of products, smart wing gate mainly for the staff channel of intelligent management of high-tech products, is intelligent three roller gates and swing gate is the upgrading of products, the product fine processing, full-featured, high grade. Smart wing gate is mainly ...
National Hotline:4009-969-805
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HongKong ZOJE Intelligent Technology Co,.Ltd
Function Flap Turnstile
Size 1200/1400*300*1000mm
Weight Single:65kg Double:85kg
Material Stainless Steel 304,SS316(optional)
Channel Width 600mm, Customize for 900mm
Use environment Better Indoor
Infrared Sensor 3-10 pairs (customize for more)
Bacpup Battery  Yes
Power off Open automatic
Speed 30-45 person /min
Power input AC110V/220V
Working Temperature 35℃– 60℃
Working Humidity 95% (No freeze)
Signal input Dry contact/Relay
Direction One/Two way
Waterproof IP65
Communication TCP/IP or RS485
Advantage More faster,better for heavy traffic like metro station. 
Technical parameter:
Outline dimension: L1200mm*280mm*1000mm (1400mm optional)
Material: SU304 stainless steel technology: light wire drawing type
Material thickness: 1.2mm/1.5mm/2.0mm optional
Channel width: 600mm
Way: one-way / two-way
Control software; access control system / electronic ticketing system / consumer system, etc.
Read and write: ID card / IC card / ID card / fingerprint, face recognition / bar code platform / static test instrument
Working environment: indoor / outdoor (recommended frame pergola)
Power supply: AC200V/AV110V (optional) 50HZ
Working environment temperature: -65 C -15 C
Relative humidity: less than 95%, no condensation
Pass speed: 40/ minutes
Input interface: relay signal
Normal service life: 3 million faults
Communication interface: RS485/TCPIP
Scalable: counting function, voice alarm function, video capture function.
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