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Development of intelligent pedestrian channel gate

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Intelligent channel, in fact, is a gradual change in the path of the argument, by making the barrier free access to more intelligent and evolved, then the smart channel is included in the barrier free access system:

Barrier free access (intelligent channel): with a higher intelligence and integration;

Personnel statistics and management, for the illegal intruder alarm, intelligent products, staff attendance automatic statistics, the number of staff access to information, monitoring linkage and so on.

Main function:

Illegal user alarm function: foreign workers without card through the channel, the channel will send out sound and light alarm, suggesting that security personnel and capture no card by personnel of the image data. Effectively prevent illegal workers to enter, but also can prevent the units are not registered to go out;

Two-way access, automatically identify the direction: each channel can be in out, greatly improve the efficiency of the use of equipment, through, the system will automatic identification import and direction, to provide more accurate data for managers, also can prevent from entering a and right out the door;

By one person to identify a card: each through a person, the system can only identify a card, effectively prevent the phenomenon of alternative credit card;

Quick pass: according to the user's actual measurement, the two channels per minute can pass more than 150 people, will not occur the phenomenon of congestion;

24 hour surveillance video linkage function: when people through, relevant management personnel (for example each department clerk in computer immediately display the corresponding information; support system of remote video monitoring function, leading to in the office directly monitor any a photo camera images.

Data statistics (application):

For a long time without a record (for a period of time without credit card) apartment staff list;

For a long period of time there is no credit card record (no credit card) of the apartment staff list;

Real time statistics of residential apartments, screening out of the night;

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