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Several technologies of intelligent anti smashed cars parking barrier system

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Gate parking vehicles and equipment for controlling and brake lever rises the vehicle clearance, vehicle through the rear brake lever fall. Due to the problem of technology and management, road gate rod appeared some not good, sometimes smashed cars, so that the damage to the vehicle, sometimes hit people, make people wounded, responsibility tangled problems, which makes people have to car parks Daozha system security is becoming more and more important. Then the parking system commonly used anti smashing technology which it?

(1) the sense of ground breaking technology
General parking field installed, when the vehicle detector to sense trigger signal will control the brake rod has been lifted and kept in a vertical state, until the sense signal disappears only when the drop bar. The anti smashing technology key lie in the sense coil stability, if feel interference, it is possible to failure, and sense can only detect the vehicle, does not have the function of preventing the man hit.

(2) infrared anti smashing
This way is in the import and export at both sides of the road barrier installed infrared on the radio device, in the road gate rod drop, if a vehicle enters, infrared blocked, road gate rod will automatically rise and respond relatively quickly. But the infrared shooting range small and easily by the interference of rain and snow weather.

(3) pressure wave anti smashing
Also called blocked anti smashing, mainly installed blocked return device, when the Dow brake lever fall exposed to vehicle or pedestrian (contact intensity is adjustable), road brake device rod beneath the rubber strip is resistance, only blocked the return device immediately fell the pole state transformation for stem condition, barrier rises, prevent smashed cars hit people.

(4) digital anti smashing
This technique has higher safety, of course, costs are relatively high, digital automatic detection anti smashing technology, without other auxiliary protective device, real-time accurate acquisition brake rod running data monitoring, operation, once the operation is obstructed by, brake lever will rise rapidly.

Above is a smart car park often used several anti smashing technology, and I hope to help you.
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