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Parking barrier system maintenance rules

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Why to regulate intelligent car parks Daozha system maintenance program? Intelligent car parks Daozha system how to use longer? Here are car parks Daozha system manufacturers in the Czech Republic Zhian to collate all maintenance rules, to ensure the appearance of good car parks Daozha, opening and closing operation is flexible and reliable, extend the service life of the brake system.

(一). Scope of application
Applicable to the property group under the jurisdiction of each post property parking barrier maintenance work.

(二).the use of Party duties
1, the system technical personnel responsible for the implementation of the work of the maintenance of the road according to this regulation.
2, the system engineer is responsible for the implementation and supervision of the organization and maintenance work.
3, the total quality management office is responsible for the maintenance of the inspection, supervision.

(三). parking barrier maintenance rules
Maintenance content:
1, car dressing rod, on or off the reflective membrane degumming repair.
2, take off the top cover of the gear box, open the door of the gear box, and add lubricating oil to the rotating shaft.
3, add the gear box oil.
4, a comprehensive fastening wire connector, filing electrical contacts.
5, check the capacitor when there is deterioration of oil spills, immediately replaced.
6, check the box door, box cover sealed to prevent the rain from entering.
7, open the gear box, check the gear wear and limit switch fastening.
8, wipe the dust of the parts in the box.
Maintenance period:
The maintenance technician should be according to the frequency of maintenance parking barrier system:
1, stop dressing bar, check monthly maintenance time.
2, to add lubricating oil to the rotation axis, check and maintenance once a month.
3, add the gear box oil, check and maintenance once a month.
4, fastening wire connector, electrical contacts, filing, check monthly maintenance time.
5, check the capacitor, check and maintenance once a month.
6, check the box door, the box cover seal, check and maintain once a month.
7, check the gear wear and limit switch fastening, once every six months.
8, wipe the dust in the parts of the box, check and maintenance once a month.
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