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The functional characteristics of the swing gate and its application

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Swing gate structure, component of the image to number its gate placed, so most do not understand the gates of customers to one eye can distinguish which is the swing gate. Swing gate, in the rail transportation industry also vividly said to beat the door, gate machine commonly used to hold large luggage objects, wheelchairs through channels and in subway common gate machine types, its characteristics is wide channel, even driving can also use this type of brake machine through.

Swing gate in general, consists of a chassis, movement, swing gate, control system, infrared sensor, control equipment parts. Pendulum swing gate blocked the gate body shape is with a certain area of the plane, vertical on the ground, through a rotary swing realize arresting and release. Swing gate of commonly used materials is generally stainless steel, organic glass, tempered glass; and some of the use of metal plate outsourcing special flexible materials, to reduce accidents when hit a pedestrian of damage.

Set of classification, commonly used is divided from the form, vertical, bridge and a cylindrical, vertical and cylindrical are smaller in size, easy to install, but shorter channel length, the pedestrian detection module function restricted; long channel gate swing bridge, pedestrian detection module function is strong, the security of more high.

Czech swing gate Seiko manufacturing, chassis materials used is standard No. 304 stainless steel or custom, 316 stainless steel, the components inside the box all the stainless steel material and anticorrosion treatment, durable rust proof, anti sabotage, safe and reliable. In addition, swing gate also provides man-machine interface interaction free control software and the development of packet protocol, convenient control and debugging, strong expansibility.

Safety reliability and expansibility of swing gate:

1, the anti collision function of the swing gate
Swing gate rod in locked state, can not use external force can withstand the collision force within the safety range. The configuration of the emergency escape device control and make the system automatic brake lever to unlock, free access mode, easy to evacuate the crowd (remote control).

2, the traffic indication function of the swing gate
Placed on the top of the chassis to install the LED direction of the state and the direction of passage, and with more than 2 legal signals at the same time, the system will remember all the requests, followed by the completion of each passage.

3, the current limiting function of swing gate
In order to meet the special circumstances of personnel management, the system can be set up and debugged by software to improve the efficiency and reduce the maintenance cost.

4, the compatibility of the swing gate
Swing gate configuration of dry contact signal output interface and a wide threshold level signal input interface, compatible with all types of access control controller.
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