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Difference of Each Turnstile Gate

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Tripod turnstile Swing Turnstile Flap Turnstile
Channel Width 550mm       600-1200mm 600-900mm
Environment Outdoor&Indoor Better for Indoor Better for indoor
Infrared Sensor None 3-10 pairs 3-10 pairs
Backup Battery None Yes Yes
Power off Open automatic Open automatic Open automatic
Speed 20-30 person/min   25-40 person/min 
25-45 person/min
Power input AC110V/AC220V AC110V/AC220V AC110V/AC220V
Advantage  1.Cheaper,just 1 set can form a channel.           2.Effective anti-tailing                                        3.Better used for factory,Construction site, tourist attraction

1.More beautiful                  2.Channel Width can customize(600-1200mm), 

better for disable and people with baggage  

3.Faster traffic                     4.Turnstile box more small, can save space      

1.More fast,better for heavy traffic like metro station. 2.Less after-sales problems
Disadvantage 1.Channel width max is 600m, canot do for disable, not good for people with baggage
1.Price expensive than tripod turnstile.
1.Price expensive than tripod turnstile.

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