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Knowledge of Turnstile Gate

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Types and applications of Turnstile Gate

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In the era of the pace of life more and more quickly, on the one hand, people pay attention to the quality of life and work, on the other hand to the life and the work safety management also paid more attention and also more attention to the importance of access control management, access control management system in addition to we often say that the access control management system, parking access management system, using channel brake equipment of visitor management system also gradually occupied an important position.

Types and applications of channel gate devices

Channel gate system outside use standard electrical interface, can be conveniently bar code card, ID card, IC card reading equipment integrated into the gateway equipment, so as to access staff provide civilized and orderly way passage and write and eliminate illegal personnel in and out. The channel gate device includes transmission system of the wing gate, swing gate, three roller gate. And with the development of technology, the gradual emergence of the no obstacle passway brake and brake arm type machine. Different appearance of the gateway equipment, to different using occasions (such as high-grade office buildings, airports, government departments, factories, bus rapid transit, subway, high-speed rail) bring different experiences.

1, wing gate to the handsome, because of brings a sense of dignity, so it is often used in government units. Swing gate can be divided into two, a common swing gate (i.e., before and after the swing gate), on the other a bottom gate.

2, relative to the wing gate gates wide real sense, swing gate appears to be simple yet elegant. Ordinary pendulum gate can do double pendulum using and independent single speed through doors and has three operating modes - single pendulum model, double pendulum host mode, double pendulum from the machine model that apply to high-grade office buildings or government departments. And bottom gate is commonly used in high-grade office buildings, government departments or the airport industry.

3, three roller gate with rotary lock rod, commonly used in channel and automatic fare collection management, such as government agencies, factories and enterprises, intelligent building, residential areas, scenic venues, colleges, kindergartens, station, leisure and entertainment.

4, channel disorder without gate does not set the brake lever, through the infrared sensor to detect passing personnel, to achieve barrier free card access, or direct statistical flow of people. The channel gate device can guarantee 1 minute prevailing 35 people, suitable for on the traffic efficiency and overall appearance to the higher requirements of the occasion.

5, the word gate is simple and beautiful, the flexible length of shifting arm, suitable for standard channel and wide channel occasions, and have thin body, save installation space, widely used in high-end commercial premises, exhibition center, noble District, classic ticket entrance and the public through industry.
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