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Knowledge of Turnstile Gate

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What is the definition of the three roller gate?

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Three roller gates, also known as three roller gates, three bar gate is a gate channel, originally introduced from abroad, the English name of "tripod: Theory and Practice Series" is the entrance and exit of the flow channel of the intelligent control terminal equipment. Special personnel, entrance security or control through the gate, such as the dining hall, hotels, office buildings, museum, the stadium, the club, the subway, the station three rod core and pier place.

ARM microprocessor (ARM core, can quickly reach the requirements of customers personalized function); machine without edge design, to prevent accidental collision damage to the human body to ensure safety for pedestrians; stainless steel shell and components inside the chassis to the anticorrosion treatment, durable; easy to control, good maintenance, convenient management; compatible with mainstream card reader or recognition system; personnel access speed of about 20 people / min (normal) 30 / min (fast), one-way or two-way traffic. The real significance of TCP / IP.


1, aluminum alloy or stainless steel full rainproof box relative to pass function of wing gate swinging gate et al, channel devices, three roller gates, and more affordable.

2, with a personalized installation interface (such as card reader, indicating lamp installation, etc.), to ensure that the system integrator of the control gate equipment in the installation of simple and convenient.

3, three stick turnstiles machine movement automatically adjust the hydraulic shock absorber, the use of three roller brake operation, the sound is very small, no impact, brake rod automatic deceleration back in. The surface movement is yellow dichromate plated.

4, programmable gate machine control, one or two directional control (set by the user).

5, the base is fixed with the expansion bolt.
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