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Maintenance and troubleshooting of common problems in road gate

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Maintenance and troubleshooting of common problems in road gate:

(1) limit adjustment: if brake lever is horizontal or vertical, can promote the horizontal magnet or vertical magnet adjustment limit position. Note: do not switch poles out the magnet. Correct pole effect on Hall sensor, the output (open collector) and switch on the PCB hor or ver end changed from high level to low level, 'horizontal (horizontal)' or 'vertical (vertical) led indicator lights; incorrect polarity will not respond.

(2) balance adjustment: about the length of the balance spring tension and the brake rod, brake Road factory has according to customer order selection of the appropriate size of the spring, the precise balance by adjusting the tension of the spring to achieve. Scene mounted on the brake lever, in power to ensure the safety of using hand crank rotation, determine the lift rod and drop rod strength, if there is significant difference, by adjusting the balance arm on the hanging position to increase or adjust the spring tension, so as to achieve the balance.

(3) switch control circuit as the main control board wiring diagram shown in the PCB control panel to ensure the power supply situation, the PCB board "Run (run)" light should be lit, the operation of the PCB board "or" drop "and" stop "button," Up (L) "Down (fall)" Stop (stop) "light should be lit, the switch should make corresponding action. Switch to make up brake action, solid state relay driving lights' Motor (motor)" should be lit; down brake action, 'Motor' and 'Relay driving lights reversing relay (relay) "at the same time light (" Relay ", reversing relay weak brightness) should pull action. The process of lifting the PCB board in place signal receiving Holzer sensor and end action. If 6 seconds can not receive signals in place accordingly, CPU will automatically protect the motor and the end of action. When the failure of the CPU program," Run "Lantern Festival in ca. the frequency of 1Hz flicker, If press the "reset" button is still not back to normal, it shall replace the CPU or PCB. Note: gates have been in a vertical position, according to the 'l' should be null and void; gates have been in horizontal position or vehicle sensors have car output for low electricity at ordinary times, according to the 'down' to be invalid; switch has an external remote control receiver, remote control operation and locking the manual button will also enable 'l' 'down' is invalid.

(4) if the right to the electrical change left to the left, or to change into right to, rod seat plate to rotate 90 degrees to motor capacitor red line and yellow line capacitance transducer, the hall sensor wire transfer, then the spring loaded into the corresponding holes on the other side of the can.

(5) fuse: PCB fuse for 220V2A, after the fuse should be replaced with the specifications of the fuse. Repeated fuses should identify the reason. If the power of the channel is connected to the traffic lights, the corresponding current should be replaced by the fuse.

(6) of solid state relay: when the solid state relay drive indicator 'motor' lamp is lit, the motor wiring terminals without 220V AC output voltage, the motor does not rotate that solid state relay is not conductive, damaged replacement PCB 220V DC voltage output; or motor wiring terminals, motor sent vibration and sound but does not rotate, proof of solid state relay only half of the week on the conduction, damaged to replace the PCB board.

(7) running capacitor: in the PCB control board are normal, road closure operation, the motor wiring terminals with 220V AC output voltage, motor a current buzzing sound but does not rotate or rotation weakness, even under the belt load. This may for running capacitor failure need to be replaced.

(8) communication interface: according to the wiring diagram is correct under standby state, 'ReceiveG (received the green light' 'TransmitG (send green' should be lit, PC to send commands' ReceiveR (received red) 'will be lit. Switch to the PC returning state' TransmitR (send red light 'should be shiny. To ensure that the protocol is correct, the switch will make the corresponding action. If the project does not need to switch back to the state, eliminating the need for HT232B optical isolation line driver and PC RS232 port TXD and GND directly connected to the switch of T and t. The wiring is correct' ReceiveG 'and' ReceiveR 'instructions ibid.

(9) project wiring: power line please 3 core 1.5mm2 over power line, and ensure good grounding line. Control and communication lines, please select the 0.3mm2 above shielded wire, and the shielding layer according to figure a good grounding, in order to improve the anti lightning anti-jamming performance.

(10) the specific problems, please combine the principle, analysis of the phenomenon, with block replacement and other methods for diagnosis.
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